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  • LED dimmable bulb and tube light
  • LED dimmable spot light and par light
  • Explosion-proof LED street lighting
  • LED commercial lighting
Dimmable bulb/tube lights Dimmable LED spot/par lights LED commerical lights
LED dimmable bulb lighting
T8 LED tube lighting
Dimmable candle lighting
Reliable LED lighting under rough weather conditions
Perfect lighting for street, parking lot, work site

 Office desk lighting
Celling lighting (panel/ down lamp)
  • LED for high temperature applications
  • LED safety torch
  • Explosion-proof LED flood lighting
  • LED inspection tools
High power LED lights LED military/explosion-proof torch LED inspection tools
High bay lighting
Flood lighting
High bay lighting for hightemperatur applications
Explosion-proof hat light
Explosion-proof torch
Portable work lamp/torch
Bullet-proof LED torch
- Excellent heat & shock -resistance LED
High uniform illumination efficiency LED for underground tunnels
LED inspection tools with both video and audio recording
LED wireless bore scope inspection
  • In-door lighting applications
  • Out-door lighting applications
  • In-door commercial lighting applications
  • Security applications
Indoor dimmable lighting Outdoor lighting Indoor commercial lighting Security/emergency/Inspection
Cabinet lights
Household dimmable spot lighting
Household bulb lighting
Commercial dimmable par lighting
Candle lighting for hotel, household
Weather-proof street light
Water-proof dimmable lighting
- Public facility outdoor dimmable lighting
-Public facility outdoor high power flood lighting
Office lighting
Public facility lighting
Commercial spot lighting
Tube lighting for office/conference room and school lighting
-Commercial high bay lighting

Bullet-proof LED torch
LED inspection tools with both video and audio recording
LED bore scope wireless inspection tool
  • Food processing applications
  • Chemical plant applications
  • Oil & Gas applications
  • Mining applications
Food processing Chemical plant Oil & Gas Mining 
IP68 High bay light for high temperature applications Explosion-proof flood/spotlight
Explosion-proof street light
Explosion-proof torch
Explosion-proof flood/spot light
Weather-proof street light
Explosion-proof torch
Explosion-proof hat light
Explosion-proof flood/spot light
Explosion-proof street light
Explosion-proof torch

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